maximizing value in donation based economies

Donations.Services is the core product of Donations.OT (On Toda) geared to eliminate leakage in electronic money systems.

Current electronic money systems rely on a foundational layer that isn't secure by design resulting in leakages of over 50% of current money in the first year after a donation has supposedly reached its destination, and over 90% in 3 years. 



While many solutions are focusing on the initiation of donations all the way to the center, Donations.Services identified the need to empower solutions with last mile data on funds paired with impact data for fund management.

Be Transparent, Eliminate Leakage, Maximize Your Impact


To empower any product and not for profit foundations or company divisions wanting to donate money without leakage and while having control over the visibility of funds and their impact. 

  • To minimize leakage from developing economies by providing foundations, NGOs and charities with a platform that empowers users in a decentralized setting giving them the governance and processing.

  • To enable information flow about how funds are spent if charity or a foundation elects to. 

  • To increase the impact of every donation by combining cutting edge blockchain technology and machine learning to help organizations find and eliminate leakage points in their donations flow.


Current Models

Too much value is leaked from transactions that should preserve their value

Current database and blockchain models fail to tackle the root causes of value leakage. Even other blockchain solutions simply offer confirmation that funds or goods were received on an immutable ledger. Invaluable supplementary data that could significantly increase the value of future donations remains uncollected and organizations are still unable to truly prove their impact. 

To rebuild the credibility of the charitable sector, we need: (a) a solution that will shed light on the information black hole that is the final mile and (b) one that eliminate the leakage of value on a per transaction basis.

Our Solution

Donations.Services by Donations.OT Corp. stands out from current database and blockchain solutions. Rather than simply focusing on how to get funds to charities, we focus our efforts on providing organizations with tools that give unparalleled traceability and transparency using the TODA protocol. Every donation comes with supplementary data that confirms the impact of each donation with a machine learning component geared to optimize an NGOs activity and impact with no transaction costs other than the power from a mobile phone. 

Donations.OT will revolutionize the charitable sector by providing a secure solution that gives charities, NGOs, and foundations the transparency and information they need to enhance and prove the impact that they make.


  • Any Donations Platform can utilize Donations.Services, our platform is systems agnostic 

  • Built on the TODA protocol, Donations.Services provides blockchain technology allowing all transactions to preserve their value as they are sent through the network of stakeholders

  • Rather than directly competing with other donations platforms we want to help every organization maximize their impact 

  • D.OT will cultivate an ecosystem of responsible companies by using our mobile app to guide donors to other services 


Meet the team

  • CEO

    Leon Chauffier

  • CTO

    Sacha Lansky

  • Advisor 

    Toufi Saliba



Join us in our journey to restore trust in the charity sector and make a positive impact in economies that need it the most. 


Tel: +1 415 263 9823

995 Market St.

San Francisco, CA 94103

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